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Barone & Co.- Attorneys at law s

Baron & Co., one of the leading tax law firms in Israel, moved his office from Azrieli Towers to the 45th floor of Midtown Tower in Tel-Aviv. Under the direction of architect Tamar from Orbach Halevi Architects, who was responsible for planning and designing the offices, we built offices that combine design elements such as linear ceiling with delta-shaped, wall cladding in decorative concrete slabs, microtoping floors, molded lighting fixtures, etc.
A linear ceiling is suitable for applications where modern design is required and linear or square rhythms are created by means of open cells that conceal the plum systems from a non-flat surface, an aluminum finish in ral colors, mirror colors or prints in wood textures.
Despite the complex work, the work was completed within three months.

  • Architect: Orbach Halevi Architects
  • Area (gross): 830 sqm
  • Execution Time: 3 months
  • Project Inspector: Benny Scharfstein
  • Photographer: Uzi Porat