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ALOOMA is a young and dynamic start-up company in the field of Big Data, which is rapidly growing. The company has rented an entire office floor (1,250 sqm.) in the Southern Arba’a Tower in Tel Aviv, the contemporary design of architect Eli Hacohen, which combines exposed ceilings with painted systems, floating acoustic ceilings, a Microtoping floor combined with carpet tiles and painted tiles gives the office a young, open look. The floor was divided into two parts for ALOOMA and for the sub-tenant, while maintaining uniformity between the parts for the purpose of merging them into one office in the future.

The work was completed within two and a half months.

  • Architect: Eli Hacohen Interior Design LTD
  • Area (gross): 1250 sqm
  • Execution Time: Two and a half months
  • Project Inspector: Nadav Kafri
  • Photographer: Hen Reuveni